Peace talks in Astana

Russia is in power-breaking role as Syria peace talks begin in Astana. These days the Russians are trying to make peace in the so called “Syria ISSUE”. They set up a meeting in Astana the capital of Kazakhstan. This is the official version of the story, but the real story is

these so call talks will end like the peace talks in Geneva Switzerland. Russia is interested in selling weapons to the Assad regime. Also the Americans are interested in selling their weapons to the CIA creation “Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant” and other factions of the rebels. Until the oil is dried out from Syria and Iraq or it won’t be feasible to extract cheap oil from these countries the peace talks are a waste of time and money.
Syrians caught in the midst of these confrontations will continue to force the gates of Europe. Turkey the new “Trojan horse” from NATO will leave thousands of immigrants to pass, like Greece, Serbia and other countries that have the same interests for the moment with the Russian Federation.
Thousands of immigrants from Asia will create more social pressure on Western governments leading to the emergence of extreme right parties in Western European countries parliaments.
The assassination of the Russian ambassador, Andrei Karlov, by the Freemasons is a millstone about the neck of the Kremlin, it almost sparked a war between Russia and Turkey, but with the depleting of oil in the world and the increasing demand for the black gold the war is somewhat far away from the beginning. Only a small conflict is permitted by the so called masters of our world.
Times are hard and Moscow leads the global game, but with the time Mr Putin’s power declines, so everything is possible, and the games are not done yet.


~ by lyudmila Boyko on January 25, 2017.

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